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Our Mission is to Make Real Estate Better For People and the Planet.

Together We’re Making Real Estate More Natural: Adapted To The Way We Work And Live, And Supportive Of The Planet We All Call Home.

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Better For

Paving new norms in real estate, to help you at every stage in the cycle — from rentals to ocean front homes for sale.

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Better For The

Offset environmental impact and forward new ways to make better choices with our homes—including the one we all share.

Our Experience

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We Grew Up In The Waves And On Our Skateboards.

Forever in motion, we’ve found home in all corners of the earth — from our first leases with roommates, to a friend’s dinner table after long travels.

Feet never firmly on the ground, we’ve always seen the world a little differently, even in our work. Our team has decades of experience brokering thousands of rentals and sales. Along the way, we’ve imagined and built award-winning, market-disrupting real estate technology.

We’ve kept open minds and open hearts to how this industry can do better. Now, we’re creating the first purpose-driven real estate brokerage.

Our Promise

10M Trees

Our goal is to plant 10 million trees before our 10th birthday. Along the way, we're pledging 1% of all commissions to go toward ocean and forest conservation. And, for every move Outlive assists, we'll plant 100 trees and remove 10 pounds of pollution from US coastlines.

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Our Values