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Home Is Sacred

Finding It Should Be, Too.

With Every Move: 10 lbs Ocean Pollution Cleared, 100 Trees Planted.

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We’re Creating A Real Estate Cycle That Does Good For Both People And Planet.


We’ve Helped Thousands Find and Move Home. Now It's Your Turn.

We have decades of experience with some of the best agencies in the Hawaiʻi and New York markets, and have a passion for re-thinking how real estate gets done. We set out on our own to contribute something more—and better—to this world.


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Find Your Place, Make An Impact.

Home for us is a two-way street: a promise to care for the places that embrace us in return. That’s why we set out to create a real estate cycle that does good for both people and planet.

We’re on a mission to make real estate better for both people and the planet. Our goal is to plant 10 million trees before our 10th birthday. Along the way, for every move Outlive assists, we'll plant 100 trees and remove 10 pounds of pollution from US coastlines.

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